3 Things A Counteroffer Might Include


When you find a home that you want to buy, your real estate agent will help you write up an offer to the seller of the house. When the seller receives the offer, he or she could accept or reject the offer, but in most cases, sellers will counter the offer. A counteroffer is simply a way for a seller to say they are not turning your offer down but are changing some of the things you offered.

25 September 2018

Yes, Your Vacation Home Can Help Pay Its Way: Buying And Management Tips You Need Now


At first glance, the decision to purchase a vacation home may seem like an extravagant purchase. In reality, however, a vacation home may actually be a good investment and capable of helping to pay its way. If you would love to own a vacation home but not sure you can afford to do so on your current income, the following information can help you explore some very real ways to make it happen.

8 August 2018

Buying A Home After Renting? 3 Extra Costs To Be Aware Of Before Buying


When you're used to renting an apartment for most of your life and want to make the next move towards owning a home of your own, it becomes important for you to get familiar with some of the costs associated with buying. While it can be easy to see the listing price and assume that you can comfortably afford the home, it's important that you also factor in some of the other costs that may not be so obvious to somebody that's used to rentals.

16 May 2018

First-Time Home Buyer? Use These Tips To Succeed In Buying Your Dream Home


If surveyed, most first-time homeowners would likely admit to dealing with some level of fear or anxiety during the process of buying their home. Part of the reason for this type of stress usually involves the fact that buying a home typically involves taking on up to thirty years of mortgage payments, as well as the responsibility of maintaining the home and making any repairs and updates that may be needed along the way.

9 March 2018

Looking for a Farm to Buy? Check the Soil & Land Boundaries Before You Make a Purchase


If you are looking for a farm to buy you need to be careful when you make your choice. This is because there are some things you need to check before you make a large purchase like this. Two of these things are checking the soil to ensure it is healthy and checking the boundaries of the properly. If you need help doing this, talk with your real estate agent and they can get you in touch with the right professionals.

9 January 2018

3 Reasons To Prioritize A Single-Story Home Over A Multi-Story House


When you start looking at real estate for sale, you will come across all sorts of options such as condos, townhomes, multi-story homes, and single-story houses. Each one has their own pros and cons, but you will benefit from picking one and using that to guide your house hunting. A single-story house has a few advantages over a multi-story home that you should consider so that you know the final decision will be the greatest benefit to your family.

20 December 2017

Consider Future Additions When Analyzing Homes For Sale With Large Lots


When you start looking a thomes for sale, you may focus on the structure of each house as well as the potential for additions. For instance, a property with a small lot and yard means you will not be able to expand the home unless you are willing to build a second or third story. To make the right purchase for your family and to ensure you can make future additions, you should think about what you would like to add or build after owning a home for several years.

26 November 2017